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VERTIER™ Premium Bamboo In-Drawer Kitchen Knife Organizer – LAUNCH SALE

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This premium bamboo wood knife block is a great way to organize your knives.

Its stylish design will fit in any kitchen and save you counter space.

Keeps your knives organized and safe. Can hold up to 12 knives plus sharpener.

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VERTIER™ Premium Bamboo In-Drawer Kitchen Knife Organizer


VERSATILE – Fits in most kitchen drawers and holds a wide assortment of knives (not included). Could also be placed on countertops.
PRACTICAL – Keeps your knives organized and safe. Can hold up to 12 knives plus sharpener.
ORGANIZED – Slots are well spaced to make retrieval simple. Knives are kept pointed down and secure even if drawer is slammed shut.
HIGH END DESIGN – Beautifully crafted 100% Bamboo. Slots are even and smooth.
NATURAL BAMBOO – Premium bamboo finish with natural bamboo wood grain.


Need a kitchen makeover?


Not all knife organizers will solve your problems. Many knife organizers leave your knives exposed.

Others can dull your knives over time. If you need a safer and better option, this is the one for you.

Our in-drawer knife block fits up to 12 knives plus you can keep a sharpener in the middle slot.

*Knives and utensils are not included


  1. Magnet is perfect strength to hold knives in place when not in use and easily slip out knives for use. Great for organizing knives and looks great on the counter.

  2. VERY nice item. Exactly as pictured, sturdy and nice design. Definitely recommended if you have small kitchen!

  3. Love it!! Great way to display your knives

  4. Great looking magnetic board. I have a smaller kitchen with not a lot of counter space, I need to use it for cutting meat and vegetables and a knife block just got in the way.

  5. This knife block is great for a mixed collection of knives! We have a very mixed group of knives in a drawer and this magnetic block works great! Perfect size and shape and keeps everything organized.

  6. Love this knife rack, it fits in the small space that I have, and holds the 6 good knives that I own.

  7. Works and looks cool! Space saving as well!

  8. We really like this. It is beautiful and my knives are easy to reach as well as keeping the knives protected.

  9. Looks great in my kitchen, wish it was a little bigger

  10. Looks quite elegant with knives on it.

  11. 5 out of 5

    It made my kitchen look clean, neath, and modern.

  12. 5 out of 5

    It’s perfect for storing knives, the space for the knife sharpener is a nice touch..

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